100% Placement in 2015 at Galgotias University Greater Noida



Welcome to GCET

Galgotias Educational Institutions (GEI) comprising of Galgotias Institute of Management & Technology (GIMT), Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology (GCET) and Galgotias Business School (GBS)
were founded by Smt. Shakuntla Educational and Welfare Society. Mr. Suneel Galgotia, a resolute visionary, committed to provide world class technical and management education is the founder Chairman, apart
from being the MD of Galgotia Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. The Galgotias Institute of Management & Technology and Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology are approved by AICTE, Ministry of
HRD, Government of India and affiliated to Gautam Budh Technical University, Lucknow. Galgotias Institute of Management & Technology, established in 1999, synergizes theoretical knowledge and practical
skills to promote around professional competence. Galgotias Institute of Management & Technology has acquired a unique status in UP, the NCR region and the country as a whole by breaking new grounds in
producing professionals of national and international acclaim and has been recognized as one of the top ranking institutions imparting high quality education.

The Campus is located on 8-lane expressway connecting Greater Noida with Noida and New Delhi and is surrounded by a green landscape and lush environment. A sprawling self-sufficient campus on 19 acres of
land with spacious and beautifully academic buildings, separate, fully secure and comfortable hostels for boys and girls, seminar and conference halls as well as indoor and outdoor games facilities and a multi-
cuisine cafeteria, managed by reputed professional caterers are highlights of the campus-life with a serene academic atmosphere.
Vision & Mission.

To be a provider of globally-competitive proficient professionals.
To nurture and sustain academic excellence, programmed to promote innovation, scholarship and abilities to analyze, experiment and synthesize.
To foster academic-industry/professional synergies and to forge strategic alliances for greater upward mobility.
To import need based education and create an ethos for research of relevance.
To contribute to social and industrial development of the region


To establish a technology incubation center, software development park and entrepreneurship cell training facility.
To strengthen ties with industries, professional societies, accrediting bodies and statutory authorities that share common goals and responsibilities.
To establish a campus for international students in academic collaboration with globally acclaimed premier institutions.
To provide state-of-the-art facilities for all facets of professional training.
To improve the work culture and develop a congenial organizational set-up.

Chairman’s Message.
Mr. Suneel Galgotia, (Chairmain GEI)

Constantly ranked as one of the top engineering institutions in Uttar Pradesh & one among the top fifty colleges in India (by Data Quest survey), Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology is now on it’s
twelve year with great success as a premier technical institution. It has emerged as one of the most preferred institutes of Engineering & Management. Nine batches have already graduated from our institution
and today we are among the best education providers in the UPTU system. Our results are exemplary good from the merit point of view of as well as from the placement perspective. Our students have been placed
in the best organizations of the country. Some of them went to abroad for higher studies and job multinational companies. All in all, the last twelve years have been a challenging and rewarding experience for us.

With an aim to remain quality conscious, efficient and responsive to today’s rapidly changing economic and technological developments, Galgotias Educational Institution has taken up the challenge for not only to
provide technical and corporate training to the students, but also delivers the effort to make them self-confident, better human beings with leadership qualities.

Galgotias Educational Institutions (GEI) comprising of Galgotias Institute of Management & Technology (GIMT), Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology (GCET), and Galgotias Business School (GBS)
were founded by Smt. Shakuntla Educational & Welfare Society. GEI has evolved as a symbol of quality education dedicated to nurture the talent and aspiration of the dynamic, vibrant & bright youth of our
country. Globalization has brought in its wake an emphasis on consumer concerns, such as quality (quality assurance is the need of the hour for continuous up gradation), infrastructure and teaching-learning
processes. Economic restructuring of any country heavily depends on the institution’s performance and technology driven teaching practices. The faculty at GEI is inspired by our vision to be known as one of
world’s premier educational institutions for multidisciplinary education and research. Galgotia Educational Institution has introduced such practices to develop young students as engineers and managers to
meet these demands of society.

In the wake of the crisis in the industry, it is important to be a sleep ahead, a step faster and surer. The students are trained to equip themselves to take on the world and carve out a niche’ in tomorrow’s
world, so that they are assured of not only promising career opportunities but are well equipped to face the challenges of life as well. It goes without saying that science, technology and engineering though different
entities are related and interact with one another in complex ways. The engineer’s main task is to apply his scientific knowledge to the solution of technical problems, then to optimize solution within the given
material, technological, economic, social and environmental constraints for the utility, comfort and advancement of mankind while management peoples should have the sound skill of planning, organizing, staffing
and directing, they must have good leading nature for controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or to accomplishing a desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently
and effectively. Our aim is to provide high class engineering and management education and we are committed to do it. In short, science is preoccupied with the understanding and explaining, engineering is
concerned with doing, realizing and implementing while management is the art and science of decision making and leadership. Thus, the aim of future engineering and management education should be the
integration of knowledge, skills, understanding and experience for providing creative and very professional youth who can serve our nation very well.

Company Students Year

Wipro Technologies 108 2013
Rawelcom Group 51 2013
Infosys 45 2013
H+S Technology 38 2013
Daksh Technology 26 2013
Capgemini 17 2013
Head Strong 9 2013
Cocacola 6 2013
HCL 5 2013
Markit.com 5 2013
Chrome Infotech 4 2013
Ideapot 4 2013
NIIT Technologies 4 2013
Activa Infotech Ltd. 4 2013
Intelligrape 3 2013
Indian Navy 2 2013
Dell International 2 2013
OSSCUBE 2 2013
Boxbeat Tech. 2 2013
L&T ECC 2 2013

website: http://www.galgotiasuniversity.edu.in
Phone: 09654758870
email: galgotias.engg@gmail.com

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